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Gabriela Andronic

Gabriela Andronic
Gabriela is an SEO content expert, part of Gamit’s team. Her experience and professional skills recommend her, and she is a trusted and valuable asset to our company.
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Gabriela wanted to become an English teacher so she had graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. However, she found that a teaching job doesn’t offer the freedom she envisioned, so she started working as a freelancing writer, a job that nurtured her creativity and gave her the much-needed freedom. She has 10 years of experience in content writing, and she still enjoys it very much.

She is extremely attentive to the requirements of clients and the complexity of each topic. She professionally addresses each subject providing relevant content, that is SEO optimized and thoroughly documented. Gabriela sees her job as a relaxing time when it is just her, the laptop and her thoughts. When not writing, Gabriela spends every minute of her time with her children and husband.