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Extensive analyses for website structure, content optimization and offsite elements reveal accurate information of a website functionality. We use powerful techniques to build complete website reports!

SEO Analysis

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Analyses are based on valid, undeniable data, so it will always deliver useful information on how your website performs for users and search engines. SEO Analysis, just as the name implies, is an analysis, or an examination of different categories, related to a website’s architecture, functionality and optimization for search engines. Each analysis falls into one of the three main areas of inquiry, technical components, content, and off-site authority. As a professional SEO agency, we fully endorse well-researched analyses, and we break down results to ensure you are informed on every operational aspect of your website.

A complex SEO analysis covers different areas of your website, and for this reason, we use various tools and techniques. Moz Pro is a great SEO instrument, especially for on-page related features. It provides insights into website headings and titles, meta descriptions, loading speed and overall design. SemRush is another amazing tool that we use, and it is very efficient in delivering comprehensive reports on your competitors and your keyword strategy. We use Copyscape to check content originality and Advanced Web Ranking to oversee website rankings. These analyses represent both a strategy measurement and an opportunity.

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Our team of SEO specialists has a first-hand understanding of the importance of in-depth website analysis. Our strategies are rooted in hard, factual data that ensure their efficiency and the best possible outcome for your website. Detailed reports are prepared by our specialists at each stage of the process to ensure that you fully understand the current state of your website, the evolution of the campaign, as well as the circumstances for development and advancement. When choosing our professional SEO agency, you get access to all-inclusive analyses that guarantee overcoming problems and accurately predicting achievements.

Ion G. Tudorache

Ion G. Tudorache

Managing Director and Co-founder
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Mihai C. Tudorache

Managing Director and Co-founder
Loredana I. Mihai

Loredana I. Mihai

Project Manager and Head of Content

Over 13 Years of Experience

Gamit Company has 13 years of experience working in the SEO industry. Consistent research, steady improvement, substantial results and customer care established our agency as a top choice for various clients. Our main focus is to deliver quality SEO services and integrated digital marketing strategies for long-lasting, top ranking results.

The educational background and achievements of our team members, as well as their experience, strengthen their professional abilities and competencies. We are committed to the success of our clients, compiling personalized strategies with extensive data analysis. Setting a successful SEO architecture for leading first page results has never been easier!

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SEO Analysis represents an evaluation of the current state of your website, in terms of structure, accessibility, appearance and search engine visibility. Analyses are grounded in precise, unbiased data and it will show you exactly how your website performs for online users and search engines.

SEO Analysis is important because it will help you understand how visitors and search engines experience your website, and it will also give you direction on what can be improved to boost this experience. You need SEO analyses to rank higher and target as many online users as possible. It is a great evaluator for any SEO strategy that you initiate, you must not leave your success to chance, instead, based it on grounded statistics and strategic decisions.

SEO Analysis provides substantial insights into website functionality and strategy deliverables, ensuring that you are not confounded but prepared with accurate information. These analyses represent a great way of tapping into new opportunities and predicting outcomes. Relying on credible data comes with plenty of advantages for your business: it will reduce your expenditure, enhance profitability while maintaining your website ahead of the competition. 

The SEO packages that we provide to clients include several analyses. Each of these reports is sent in general, when initiating a new SEO campaign. If you require in-depth analysis or updated reports, our team members will ensure you receive the necessary information. Three major features are analysed, site architecture, technical components, and off-site factors.

To deliver the necessary data for each client, whenever they require it, Gamit Company utilizes various tools and techniques for comprehensive, factual reports. We have access to highly specialized and prominent instruments on the market to deliver only the best quality analyses for our clients. 

The time necessary for delivering the reports of the analyses depends on their complexity. For initial analyses, we send the reports in 24 hours. For extended analyses and full detailed reports, it takes up to 72 hours to deliver the reports. 

The complexity of the SEO analyses conducted by our team is dependent on the amplitude of the campaign, the personal requests of the client, the size of the website, and the number of problems found. Each aspect is fully detailed to ensure that the client correctly assimilates the data provided.

Our dedicated personnel is prepared to offer customer support at any time during the SEO campaign. The team is available to answer all enquires and demands from clients. Whenever needed, the client will receive full support for understanding the results of the analyses.

Initial evaluation analyses are conducted for each of our clients before setting the proper SEO strategy. These analyses are fully integrated into the SEO services provided by our company and free of charge. Complex analyses that are conducted upon special requests are subject to additional payments. The cost will be calculated according to the number of pages that need verification, the complexity of the website and the number of different features that must be analysed.

The tools and instruments used by our company to generate the SEO analyses are available to the general public. There are, however, two major advantages of using an SEO agency. First of all, when using our company for SEO analyses, you receive the reports without paying the extra costs of the tools. Secondly, together with full comprehensive analyses you also receive support in understanding the findings and developing strategies to overcome issues.    

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