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Project Manager and Head of Content

Loredana I. Mihai

Loredana I. Mihai
Loredana is our project manager and head of the content department. She collaborates closely with clients and team members to deliver the best results for each campaign.
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The main focus of Loredana’s work is managing content strategies and initiatives for each campaign. She works closely with writers to set original ideas and plans, determine relevant information, and shape texts that respect the client’s goals and the quality and efficiency guidelines for SEO. During weekends, Loredana enjoys reading and relaxing outside in the sun, whenever possible.

Loredana is a graduate of University of Leeds, having obtained a Master’s Degree in management. She had started her career as project coordinator and had 4 years of experience in management operations and leadership, before coming to Gamit. Loredana is connected to each stage of the campaign, making sure that everything runs smoothly and detailed reports of our work reach every client.