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Business Competitor Analysis

Lead your business towards new marketing opportunities and stay ahead of your competition through innovative promotional techniques. In-depth business competitor analysis will guide your strategy in this process.

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Business competitor analysis refers to an all-encompassing investigation into your competitors’ strategies in terms of company management, product design, and advertising programs. Such an evaluation is time-consuming and difficult to structure, and for this reason, it is recommended to let expert business analysts conduct the research and put together a report, that will contain precise data and will be easy to understand. Professional competitor analysis from Gamit will deliver answers, along with solutions, concerning your business’ unique position in the market and the effectiveness of your promotional strategy.

Our agency uses state of the art research tools because our objective is to deliver an accurate and all-inclusive business competitor analysis. For more insightful results, a wider range of competitors must be evaluated. Instead of focusing only on your immediate competition, we will analyze multiple options from small to big and from direct to indirect competitors. Their online marketing strategies will be analyzed and keywords that bring most online users will be identified. These findings will help you to decide upon the best e-commerce strategies to go forward and to establish a realistic budget for this.

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Gamit team is formed by highly trained professionals. Each member is an expert in its field, and the same can be said about our two competitor analysts, Larisa and Mihai. We aim to deliver only the highest quality services for our clients, and this includes in-depth and data-driven business competitor analysis. With extensive knowledge in business evaluation and using effective tools for competitor analysis, you can trust Larisa and Mihai. They will deliver a detailed and easy to understand description of the business strategy used by your competitors and of your unique position in the marketplace.

Ion G. Tudorache

Ion G. Tudorache

Managing Director and Co-founder
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Mihai C. Tudorache

Managing Director and Co-founder
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Loredana I. Mihai

Project Manager and Head of Content

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Gamit online marketing agency arose from the enthusiasm that two brothers share for computer sciences and online technologies. Their academic background in electronic engineering and passion for online search algorithms paved the way for SEO services. Starting with 2006, Gamit had successfully activated in the SEO industry providing top-ranking results for various businesses from all over the world. We have a first-hand understanding of the significance of competition analysis and the many benefits such a report can have on designing a proper marketing strategy.

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A business competitor analysis presents systematic data on the structure and functionality of a business. Such precise, integrated data offers valuable information to anyone who wishes to evaluate their own business as well as the business of its competitors. So, anyone from starting entrepreneurs to multi-layered businesses could request such an analysis. It is particularly useful for any website owner who wishes to establish the market position of its website in comparison with other similar websites.
You need a competitor analysis because this type of evaluation provides detailed quantitative and qualitative data on aspects like the assessment of marketing strategy, the examination of products and business metrics. This data is useful because it will positively influence your vision of business functionality and advertising techniques.
There are many benefits for requesting a business competition analysis and each of these benefits is an advantage you have to improve on your own strategy. The results of the analysis will help you identify certain grow opportunities like, your unique position on the market or unexplored marketing methods or market segments which are not covered or even gaps between what customer need and what competitors offer where you could design a new product category.
Business competition analysis is a process that our analyst experts tackle with care and professionalism. The process begins with a thorough investigation of the client’s business to fully understand its products, potential customers and objectives. Then, we use specialized tools to investigate the market and competition. The first step is to identify your competitors, then we investigate their businesses and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. The information is gathered in a comparative report that we deliver to each client to help them identify their unique advantage in the market.
There are many tools available on the market for business competitor analysis. But which one to use? Which is better? Competition analysis is highly complex; therefore, it is recommended to use professional services. We use industry-leading tools like SemRush, Moz, Ahrefs and Google Keywords Planner. These are useful in identifying your direct and indirect competitors and the keywords used online to promote their business. You can rest assured that with our expertise and with the help of these tools we can deliver a thorough competition analysis.
Our team has a unique approach to identifying your main and secondary competitors. We conduct both a manual and an automatic search. We plan the manual search based on the most relevant key phrases you use to detect your business in online searches. The automatic search is conducted using specialized tools, like Sem Rush or Moz. These are great tools, that point to your main competitors. We, then, compare the results of the two searches and investigate only the most relevant of the findings.
We analyze the business of your competitors in the same way as we analyze your business. We gather data related to business functionality, in terms of structure and organization, to products and marketing campaigns. Most of all, we evaluate the extent to which they comply with the needs of their customers. The report of the analysis will contain all such explanatory data so you will receive a detailed description of the strategy of your competitors.
The final report of the business competition analysis conducted by our team of expert analysts will contain detailed explanations and solutions in a form that is equally informative, yet easy to understand. The report incorporates broad data on the following aspects, advertising strategy, product presentation, and business management.

The SEO campaigns designed by Gamit offer an initial business competitor analysis but this a lighter version that presents only certain aspects like, most relevant keywords to use in a marketing campaign. A full, comprehensive business competitor analysis shall be conducted upon request. The cost of this will be established through direct communication with our team, after an initial size evaluation of the client’s business.

There are plenty of reasons to use Gamit for extensive competitors’ analysis. First of all, we understand the importance of this analysis for the future of your business so we will do our best to set a complete analysis of market competition. Secondly, we take great pride in our experience and our team of specialized analysts. And at last, we are committed to the success of our clients so we aim to deliver only the best services to help them reach their maximum potential.

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