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Compelling keyword research is the core of every successful SEO strategy. Have you done proper keyword research? Is your marketing strategy targeting the correct key phrases for your site? Contact Gamit and find out! Our keyword specialists manually select the most relevant key phrases with the highest targeted traffic.

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Keyword refers to a word, a search term, or even a phrase used by online consumers to find the relevant information they are looking for in search engines. When correctly chosen, these words have the power to covey high search traffic into real customers. Thorough keyword research grounded on substantial analytical data will reveal whether or not you are targeting the correct keywords through your content and promotional strategy. You should not overlook the valuable insights of this research because it can bring you higher rankings, increased brand authority, and far more relevant traffic.

Gamit keyword specialists are prepared to conduct a full keyword audit for your website and deliver a conclusive performance report on your keyword strategy. The process starts with a dialogue that allows us to get accustomed to and understand your business and your objectives. Our keyword consultants then move to carefully analysing your products or services, your competitors, the business market and potential audience. After intense scrutiny, our team manually assembles a list containing the most relevant keywords for your website, keywords that will bring visitors and increase sales.

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Gamit team for keyword research is formed by experts in investigating and selecting only the most appropriate search terms. With a strong instinct for valuable keywords, both generic and long-tail phrases, our team will put together a personalized report with key phrases specially selected for your business. We do not use automated software to generate mechanically constructed lists. Instead, we use industry-leading tools for in-depth research and then manually select the best options by matching the search terms with your business and potential customers. Let’s take a look at your keyword choices!
Ion G. Tudorache

Ion G. Tudorache

Managing Director and Co-founder
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Mihai C. Tudorache

Managing Director and Co-founder
Loredana I. Mihai

Loredana I. Mihai

Project Manager and Head of Content

13 Years of Experience

For the last 13 years, we have successfully operated in the SEO industry, delivering top ranking results for our clients’ websites. Countless happy customers and many positive reviews vouch for the quality and efficiency of our methods. A keyword analysis is only part of the services we offer, so give us a chance to become your favourite keyword research agency.

The academic background and years of experience confirm the extensive knowledge and professional abilities of our SEO keyword consultants. We are happy to assist with the necessary corrections or the implementation of new strategies. Our work is not limited to providing comprehensive reports, but rather a continuous process of monitoring and consultancy.

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Keyword Research is a great instrument in identifying the right key terms behind the user’s intent. Knowing what online consumers look for, helps you to focus your marketing efforts on improving your website visibility for these specific key terms so that you reach as many users as possible. Correct keyword research drives sales and increases revenues.

Keyword Research is a complex process which involves seeking and selecting words, key terms and key phrases with the highest potential for generating traffic. The analysis determines the relevancy of keywords you use for website content and website optimization strategy and includes recommendations for more relevant key phrases.

Generic keywords refer to keywords with a more general meaning or commonly identifiable words with a wider scope. These terms generate a higher number of matches and are more expensive, although having a much lower conversion rate. It is recommended to avoid focusing your promotional efforts on only generic keywords because it will not bring the results you expect.

Long-tail keywords refer to key phrases that are 2-3 words long. These are used when searching for a specific business niche or a specific business location. These long key terms are far less expensive than generic keywords and have higher conversion rates because they target a specific audience. A successful online marketing campaign should contain both generic and long-tail keywords.

Gamit uses a straightforward approach to keyword research. We set up an initial dialogue with the client to better understand its business. We analyse the website, the competitors and the target audience. The data collected is inserted into keyword research tools, generating results that are manually evaluated by our team. The final step is presenting our keyword choices to the client.

As a professional online marketing agency, we invest in the highest-rated tools in the SEO industry because we wish to deliver only the best results for our clients. The tools that we use for keyword research are Google Analytics, Moz and SemRush, just to name a few. Each of these is a powerful instrument on its own but combined they offer a complete evaluation on most relevant keywords and key phrases.

Each SEO analysis conducted by our team is usually generated within 24 hours. Given the fact that thorough keyword research requires careful evaluation, the final report for the client is generated within 24 – 48 hours.

An initial keyword analysis is conducted for each client at the beginning of the SEO campaign. This analysis is free of any cost, is included in the complete SEO experience we offer to each client. Thorough keyword research that involves using multiple investigative tools and extensive analyses is conducted separately and it is subject to additional costs.

Yes, it is possible to conduct keyword research on your own. The tools that we use in the research are available to any online user, the only downfall is that the data available from these tools are complex and abundant and you need extensive knowledge to select only the relevant key terms. This is something you do not have to worry about when choosing Gamit. 

There are plenty of reasons for you to choose our professional SEO agency for complete keyword research. You should trust our 13 years of experience and our trained SEO specialists and nonetheless, you should be convinced of the quality of our work considering the industry-leading tools that we use and the commitment of our team members.

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