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Managing Director and Co-founder

Mihai C. Tudorache

Mihai C. Tudorache
Mihai is the co-founder of Gamit and for the last 13 years, he had used his knowledge and skills to develop outstanding online marketing techniques.
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Online Marketing Research
Outreach Marketing Specialist
Project Manager

Mihai had graduated from University of Craiova, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, followed by an MBA in International Economics and Business Administration. Pairing his extensive knowledge in business with years of experience and constant research for online marketing techniques, Mihai manages to design attractive and dynamic marketing plans for the company as well as for the clients.

In depth analysis of the SEO needs of online businesses and thorough examination of data from completed projects are also part of Mihai’s activities. These help him determine the best services offered by the company and the trajectory of a client’s campaign. When not thinking about SEO, Mihai enjoys spending quality time with his family, mostly outdoors or reading a good science-fiction book.