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SEO Audit your website

Is your website missing out on the ranking it should have? Are you unhappy with the result of your SEO efforts? Then, this is the time to consider a full SEO Audit! Our team builds extensive SEO Audits using industry-leading instruments.

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Imagine an all-inclusive report with complete evaluation details on every aspect related to your website and extensive recommendations for each of these aspects. SEO Audit is a compelling resource, of utmost importance in your quest for higher rankings. Not only will it show the errors in your strategy or the weaknesses of your website, but it will also reveal opportunities that should be exploited. SEO Audit represents a complete set of thorough SEO analyses conducted on each and every feature that determines the performance of your website for users and search engines.

Each page of your site will benefit from a full check-up, the main problems will be identified, and complete solutions shall be submitted. Structure, design, page speed, headlines, tags, meta description, content optimization, content duplication, technical aspects, backlinks history and spam links, each of these sections shall be thoroughly evaluated. Highest-rated tools are used in making a complete SEO Audit report. If you wish to be ahead of the competition, reaching higher and higher in search engines ranking, then a full SEO Audit is definitely something to invest in.

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Here at Gamit we have a team of SEO experts with an extensive background and the professional abilities to deliver only the best results for our client’s campaigns. Our SEO Audit department masters the tools and the competencies necessary for comprehensive reports and useful practical solutions. We are aware of the significance of a complete SEO Audit. Therefore, we are committed to delivering a clear and accessible analytical data summary. Outlining this report follows a four steps procedure including, systematic assessment, report development, strategy implementation, and consultancy and monitoring. You will not be disappointed in our SEO Audit!

Ion G. Tudorache

Ion G. Tudorache

Managing Director and Co-founder
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Mihai C. Tudorache

Managing Director and Co-founder
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Loredana I. Mihai

Project Manager and Head of Content

13 Years of Experience

Gamit Web Services was founded in 2006 and has activated in the SEO industry, ever since. Unlike other online marketing agencies, our work is not exclusive to a certain part of SEO, but rather to the entire process. Our extensive experience showed, time and time again, that SEO is a blend of various factors and influencing trends.

For a website to be successful in online searches, all influencing factors must be considered, and this is exactly what our SEO Audit department does. It examines every factor affecting your website. Some of the main qualities recommending our team are practical experience, certified educational skills, transparent communication, and commitment.

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SEO Audit represents an overall evaluation of your website, business market, and online presence. It delivers compelling information on what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and what you need to improve. It is the ultimate tool in improving your website performance and you should invest in regular SEO Audits.

When choosing Gamit Agency to perform SEO Audit for your website, you will receive a complete report with comprehensible data findings and feasible solutions for each aspect investigated. This report will provide answers regarding the functionality of your website and the results of your SEO marketing strategy.

Everything must be discovered and examined when conducting an SEO Audit. The following factors shall be considered, the market in which the client operates, its competitors, and potential users, the website structure, design, attractiveness, content and on-site elements, the objectives of the SEO campaign, keywords optimization, online visibility, and backlinks history.

Because SEO Audit is essential for the success of our strategy, we use only industry-leading tools. Every well-respected SEO agency and knowledgeable webmaster have used these instruments in their activity. The two most important tools are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We complete the data using SemRush, Ahrefs, and Advanced Web Ranking.

Yes, you can conduct the SEO Audit by yourself. However, a thorough SEO Audit is difficult to put together without access to multiple sources of data. You must have extensive knowledge of the various areas that influence the performance of a website and you might find it difficult to set up proper recommendations for the issues revealed in the analyses.

Yes, the recommendations of the report are made to be implemented. These represent solutions for solving or improving the issues found with your website or your promotional strategy. You may choose to ignore some of these recommendations, but the problems pointed out will not be solved and therefore your website will not improve its ranking.

Considering the nature of the recommendations, either for on-site or off-site, the implementation can be done by your team or by our team. Usually, the changes that require access to the client’s website are solved in house by the client. But all other changes could be easily implemented by our team of SEO specialists.

The initial SEO Audit, that is automatically generated when commencing a new SEO campaign, is delivered to each client within 24 – 48 hours. A more comprehensive SEO Audit involves a wider area of research and a greater number of pages examined; therefore, it takes much more time to be delivered, anywhere from a few days up to a week.

The cost of the SEO Audit report is determined by the complexity of the research, meaning the number of checked elements and the size of the client’s website. Each client has the possibility to choose which aspects we evaluate, and this allows them to control their budget. The great news is that when choosing our services, you receive a FREE initial SEO Audit.

SEO Audit must be conducted regularly, once or even twice a year, when necessary. SEO Audit is mandatory every time you wish to start a new SEO campaign because it will provide authentic insights on what to expect from this campaign. SEO Audit is a powerful tool to evaluate the competencies of an SEO agency so you ask for an SEO Audit each time you switch providers.

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