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Website Traffic Analysis

Trained analysts and professional tools will measure the traffic of your website, the numbers, and quality. Understanding where traffic comes from is key in designing an online marketing strategy to increase your business ROI.
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There are many tools for measuring the success of your website in the online market. But when it comes to website traffic, the number of tools is equal to the number of angles to view this success. At the end of the day, what matters is that traffic is in line with your goals. You must wonder which are the best tools to evaluate the traffic of your website? 

SemRush, Ahrefs, Moz, Advanced Web Ranking, Google Analytics, just to name a few of the current and most important. But traffic analysis is not the only feature of these tools. All provide valuable insights into various aspects of your website. We use only the best tools available on the market and we combine the results to correctly identify traffic sources.
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Website traffic refers to the total number of online users that come to your website and the pages they visit. As a website owner, you might ask yourself why is traffic important, if it is in any way? Well, as a professional online marketing agency, we can tell you that traffic matters because it can help improve your online popularity, or it shows which pages of your website are most appreciated, therefore making you reconsider the structure and design of all your pages. It can also explain how certain marketing campaigns generate more traffic than others. Whatever the reason behind it, website traffic analysis is worth considering.

Traffic analysis does not point out only the number of visitors your website has, it also identifies the quality of these visitors. Quality traffic is generated by people who are seriously interested in your products or services, people who generate sales. Traffic analysis helps you discover which are the sources for quality visitors, therefore allowing you to focus your advertising efforts towards these sources. Paid traffic, social media campaigns, organic traffic, email marketing, affiliate websites or local searches, each represents a source for traffic, and an analysis will reveal which is most effective, and which needs improvement.






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When choosing Gamit online marketing agency for website traffic analysis, you will be connected with your own dedicated analyst. Mihai and Larisa are our top analysts. Each is capable to conduct a thorough investigation of your website and produce a personalized traffic analysis, focused on accurate data and multiple feature metrics. Both Mihai and Larisa have extensive background knowledge on website analysis and years of experience in using research tools, like SemRush, Google Analytics or Moz. Contact our team today and request more information on traffic analysis and the process behind it!
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For the past 13 years, Gamit agency designs and conducts online marketing campaigns for our client’s best interest, meaning higher ranking positions in search engines. Throughout the years, we have managed to complete thousands of projects and receive just as many positive reviews. Check out our client’s testimonials for more information. What makes our strategy so successful, is a combination of different factors like constant research for innovative techniques, regular improvements, and team dedication. There are plenty of advantages for you to choose our agency, you can find out more about us by visiting the About page!
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Evaluating the traffic of your website will lead to an impressive amount of data regarding some key factors for your business online success. If its properly organized and explained, this information might even change your entire business strategy. It is a great website performance indicator, and even more so, it is a great barometer of your marketing efforts.
There are many advantages to invest in such an analysis. First of all, this evaluation will show you the type of visitors that come to your website and the pages they are mostly attracted to. Using this data, you can improve your strategy or your website pages to attract even more such visitors. Secondly, through this analysis, you will be able to understand where most customers come from, allowing you to invest more in these channels. Generally, it will help you increase your leads and revenues.
There are multiple sources for website traffic. If you correctly identify the source that brings you the most visitors you can exploit this for maximum results. Traffic is generated through paid or unpaid sources. Unpaid refers to organic traffic that comes directly from search engines or social media traffic that comes from these types of platforms. Paid traffic means that it is generated as a result of marketing campaigns, either e-mail marketing, social campaigns or any type of advertisement you paid for.
Gamit performs traffic analysis using a combination of different research tools and different investigated areas. Each analysis conducted by our professional analysts is done using the following tools, SemRush, Ahrefs, Moz, and Google Analytics. In terms of investigated areas, we always examine the sources of traffic, page visitor metrics, meaning unique visits and returning visits, the bounce rate, the average time spent on a page, and the efficiency of paid advertising campaigns.
Because we perform such a comprehensive analysis, it goes without saying that many different aspects are monitored. One of these is if the customers using the website are the same as those identified by the client as its primary consumers, or a different target market should also be considered. Also, we investigate the design and relevance of pages that attract most visitors, as well as the organization and results of any marketing campaign. Other aspects we look at are the conversion rate per visit, the proportion between new and returning visitors, the sources that send traffic and the overall profit of each visit.
One of the best tools for traffic evaluation is Google Analytics. It is a very comprehensive tool, and the best part is that is free. You will have a personal account, associated with your website. The downfall of this tool is that you need extensive knowledge to be able to understand the data provided. Whenever we have the client’s permission, we use Google Analytics as part of our evaluation. Together with this tool, we also use SemRush, Ahrefs, and Moz. All are great instruments for website evaluation and traffic data is only one of the aspects covered. When performing thorough traffic analysis, we use combined data from all available tools.
Our agency uses a complex approach to traffic analysis. Our expert analysts know that accurate traffic figures cannot be generated by a single investigation. Therefore, we use different tools to perform website traffic analysis, and then we combine the results of the research, providing relevant and accurate data. This approach ensures that nothing skips the evaluation, and the results are as detailed as possible.
Yes, you can keep track of your website traffic on your own. The smartest way to do this is to connect your website to your Google Analytics account because this tool is free to use. There are other options and other tools on the market but, unlike Google Analytics, all require additional costs. What you must consider is that you need broad knowledge on website traffic metrics, to be able to understand the data provided by Google Analytics. The alternative is to hire a professional marketing agency for this service, and they will provide a detailed, yet easy to understand traffic analysis report.
Extensive website traffic analysis is not included in the online marketing packages provided by Gamit agency. Such an analysis is only conducted upon request. As an additional service, it will require an extra fee. For more information on this topic, we recommend that you contact one of our traffic analysts. After an initial evaluation of your website size and position on the market, they will be able to provide an accurate quote.
You should use Gamit for your website traffic analysis because we have the experience and professionalism to deliver a comprehensive report. For the past 13 years, our agency provides online marketing services to clients. We understand all variables that influence the effectiveness of a marketing campaign; therefore, we are committed to fully analyse each and every aspect before setting proper recommendations. You will not de disappointed in our services!

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