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Ion G. Tudorache

Ion G. Tudorache
Ion is the Co-founder of Gamit and a technical expert in SEO methods and how to implement these in order to increase the rankings of a website.
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Ion is a graduate of University of Craiova, where he acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. He successfully continued his studies with a Ph.D. at University of Leeds, where he graduated in 2014 after an extensive research of routing protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Understanding search engine algorithms came easily to him after working with many routing algorithms.

Thorough knowledge of SEO protocols and 13 years background of working in this industry are the characteristics helping Ion to develop innovative strategies that push client’s websites to the first page of online searches. Ion is also the company’s main consultant for all SEO related matters being an important liaison for clients. His free time is dedicated to playing sports, especially tennis, and keeping up with the latest innovations in technology.