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Ileana Gidar

Ileana is part of Gamit’s team of SEO link specialists. She successfully deploys SEO strategies, implementing digital and marketing procedures for increased link authority.
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Ileana has a broad informational background and experience in the online digital environment. Her expertise in online marketing techniques is recognized by certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. At the moment she is extending her education, following a Master’s Degree in Computers and Information Technology. Ileana is passionate about her work, and everything else in the digital world, highly motivated and hard-working.

Ileana is a valuable member of our team, researching the latest changes and advancements in link authority techniques, conducting link building analyses, and implementing SEO strategies. She is very calm, and she believes that personal growth and positive changes are the fuel for a happy life. When not at work, you can find Ileana outdoors or at the gym. She likes reading, watching movies, and she is passionate about aquariums.