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Ionut Ciobanu

Ionut Ciobanu
Ionut is one of the link building specialists, here at Gamit. He is specialized in link marketing and building authority for client’s businesses.
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Ionut has always been passionate about computer sciences so working in an environment, that allows him to do what he likes while acting as an educational agent for him to further develop his knowledge and professional skills, has been mutual advantageous. His educational accomplishments include a Certificate for outstanding digital competencies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Digital Technologies.

Ionut began working in the area of digital marketing in 2012 and has since become an expert on building a website’s visibility and authority in search engines. His job comprises of implementing SEO strategies and evaluating link building methods. He is motivated, always on time with his tasks and constantly improving his professional abilities. Outside the office, Ionut enjoys biking and whatever other activity that keeps him close to nature.