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Larisa E. Mihai

Larisa E. Mihai
Larisa is our project manager. She is responsible for complex level projects, making sure the project’s stages are completed within budget, on time, and compliant to quality guidelines.
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Project Manager

Larisa graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Electronics and Telecommunications, and a Master’s Degree in Business Management. Before joining Gamit, Larisa worked for 4 years in customer relations, an experience that helped build her knowledge and expertise. She supervises each stage of the project and works closely with clients and team members to achieve the campaign’s objectives.

Larisa is also an active part of the strategizing team performing detailed analysis and full SEO audits, and evaluating results before setting a custom strategy for each client. Our manager constantly strengthens her knowledge of SEO keeping up with the latest trends and news. In her free time, Larisa enjoys a good movie, walks in the park, and fun family activities with her husband and son.