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Lavinia Sain

Lavinia Sain
Lavinia is part of our SEO link specialist team. Her job is to assess the latest techniques in link authority and integrate these into the SEO strategies for clients.Lavinia has extensive knowledge in both technical and digital sectors.
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Implementing SEO strategies, monitoring results and analyses in link development are part of Lavinia’s daily activities. She is attentive to details and has a strong work ethic, qualities that make her the perfect fit for our company. Lavinia’s time is divided between work and preparing her critical study. When she finally gets some free time, she enjoys seeing her friends, watching a good movie or going for walks outdoors.

She had graduated from University of Craiova, where she had earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Automation, Computers, and Electronics. She is now following a Master’s Degree in the same area. Her position at Gamit is a great opportunity to practice her education and also expand her experience and knowledge of SEO and link authority.